The Key Features Of The Nokia E7

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If you are looking for an all around mobile phone, then the Nokia E7 is more for you. This touch screen mobile phone has all the features you will need for work, communications, and entertainment. Let us get to know this cutting edge phone even more.Your Office When Not In The OfficeThis phone makes you work even when you are out of the office. You get real time emails through Mail for Exchange. You gain easy access to both work and personal emails in one convenient view. You can edit, create, and share documents. You can view files on PDF format by using the Adobe Reader. With an integrated VPN, you get lightning fast and secure intranet access. With Microsoft Outlook, you can easily setup and sync your calendar.Your Gateway To CommunicationsYou gain easy access to emails from various electronic mail services such as Ovi Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, and many more. Instant Messaging services on Ovi Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Widows Live Messenger, and more will be a breeze. Twitter and Facebook live updates are sent directly to the home screen. You are given the ability to update your profile status in various social network accounts all at once. You can keep track of all of your messages through threaded SMS chat on the Nokia E7.Dual Input OptionsThe phone comes with AMOLED glass display framed in an anodized aluminum frame. Total visibility is achieved in the large 4 inch wide screen. The angle in which the screen opens up to reveal the QWERTY keyboard is intentionally designed for optimal viewing. To zoom in, all you have to do is pinch the screen. To scroll, all you have to do is flick. For faster typing, all you need to do is slide out and reveal the QWERTY keyboard. This will give you more characters and symbols to work with.An Assortment Of AppsWith the Nokia E7, you get to enjoy an assortment of apps. With Ovi Maps, you will enjoy lifetime free access to voice guidance and GPS navigation. Your data is protected with an anti-theft app. You can work on the phone hands free with a voice recognition app. Get flight schedules and updates with a travel app. Furthermore, you can get more of these apps on the Ovi Store.Multimedia And Entertainment OptionsWith an 8MP digital camera, you get to capture high resolution images and record high definition videos. If you want to view images and watch videos on a larger screen, you can hook the phone up to a compatible TV with a HDMI cable. You can stream videos on YouTube. You can watch channels on a web TV. You can create playlists and albums with stored tracks.These are the key features of the Nokia E7.


2012 Precession of The Equinox – From Darkness Into Light

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It is said: history repeats itself. And what we call precession of the equinox is a wonderful, age-old cosmological example of this gem of wisdom. In this article we discuss what is accepted, main-stream knowledge of this repetitive astronomical process and then dive into some significant lesser known emerging hypotheses relating to and tying together the accelerating 2012 phenomena and current events we now see unfolding.Last, we look to show by placing the puzzle pieces together into a cohesive, high probability opinion that our solar system including Earth and all its inhabitants, are now together emerging into a inter-dimensional frequency shift beyond our limited perception of only three dimensions.Much of what will be discussed here may be to some, arcane. So with that in mind, I will attempt to concisely convey esoteric concepts and beliefs in a logical fashion combined with supporting, emphatically provable scientific evidence. This would also be a good time to personally reflect that each of us is responsible for our spiritual awakening and physical evolutionary progress. It always begins from within, not from some external force as it so often seems. A key to unlocking profound changes within can only begin through deliberate application of unconditional love wrapped in wisdom.May I suggest if you find yourself in a position requiring a new level of acceptance or understanding to what is written, simply open your heart and mind looking for evidence in your own life to help support the conclusion presented. In doing so, you will inevitably join in the discussion finding inner strength along the way into a new light of awareness. Before we jump into the real subject matter of this article- From Darkness into Light, let’s first lay a basic foundation for those who may not be knowledgeable about what the astronomical term precession of the equinox means. The following explanation should prove helpful.Precession Of The EquinoxThe precession of the equinoxes also called the Great Year, refers to the precession (slow western movement) of Earth’s axis of rotation with respect to inertial space. There are a couple varying schools of thought as to the cause of this precession. The mainstream theory held is that earth’s precession is caused because earth is not a perfect sphere but an oblate spheroid. If the Earth was a perfect sphere we would have no precession. The primary cause of this effect is because Earth’s equatorial diameter is slightly larger (due to earth’s rotation) than the polar diameter. Another more visual example used to explain this rotation is the analogy of a spinning top. In the case of the spinning top, gravity effects how the top eventually tips over while it is spinning. Earth’s wobble however, is said to be caused by the forces of the sun and moon as gravity is nonexistent in space.A few last important tidbits. A complete precession cycle covers a period of approximately ~25,625 years; this is called the “Great Year”. During this time the equinox will regresses a full 360°. Processional movement also is the determining factor in the length of an Astrological Age. To summarize, the precession is the sun’s apparent position moving slowly west in a constellation when observed on the same day each year; it takes an equinox sun approximately ~2,135 years to move through one of the twelve constellations on its 25,625 cycle completely around the Zodiac.This understanding of precession will be crucial later on in the article. Currently we are now moving out of the age of Pisces and into the constellation Aquarius with all its “new era” symbols and profound meanings. Although there is ongoing debate as to the exact timing when entering a new age reflected in the backdrop of the heavenly boundaries, the variance of linear time is negligible for this discussion. That fact along with additional interesting information is the basis of this article. Now, let’s move on exploring some fascinating possibilities.A Return Path To RediscoveryWhile some people may debase or discount astrology and the meaning of astrological signs, we can indeed find synchronicities in earthly events when taken in context of the meaning of an astrological age. Since the precession is an established fact, we can now look back into previous astrological ages to gather characteristics and influences of a given age. Take for example the last one, the age of Pisces. In thinking about the age of Pisces, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the symbolism- a fish. This was an age of big religions. Symbolically, the fish is interpreted in many ways such as: sacrifice, charity, mercy, compassion and pardon. It is also associated with the planet Neptune represented by faith and divinity. In Hinduism the fish was also the symbol of the savior; Vishnu’s first incarnation in the shape of a fish saved Manu from the flood.A close look at the Christian faith along with many others, strive in these characteristics as ways of pursuing the divine. Consider also that Jesus spoke of his disciples as “Fishers of Men” offering those with ears to hear enlightenment and salvation. The Piscean age was one of spiritual awakening in which all are invited to seek God, service to others rather than service to self- living the Golden Rule. It also can be viewed as a world age which embodied virtue and eternal truth of spiritual salvation available to all.So, it may not be farfetched to conclude the age of Pisces was the birth age of Christianity and greater spiritual awakening worldwide. Soon to follow, and continuing much to this day, a division, separation and strife as religious world views clash. Much of this is fueled by spiritual misconceptions and strict dogmas built upon unawareness that we all have eternal natures and the same divine inheritance. In a sidebar, interestingly Christian eschatology’s infamous book of Revelation, (or Apocalypse, from the verb apokalypto, to reveal) describes a new earth which is revealed at the end of the age. One could say that truly it shall be the end of the world- the present world as we know it. This book clearly is infused with a Shift of The Age perspective.Furthermore, what transpires according to prophesy is a “Golden Age”, a “New Heaven, a New Earth”. Many other traditions speak of a world unlike the one that we now inhabit coming into existence in this Aquarian age. In a passage recorded in Luke 22:10 Jesus, in preparation for the Jewish Passover and the Last Supper, makes a statement which alludes to the coming Aquarian Age: And he said unto them, Behold, when ye are entered into the city, there shall a man meet you, bearing a pitcher of water; follow him into the house where he entereth in”. This is an interesting reference to the Age of Aquarius’s symbol of the man carrying water (water = light) alluding that more light is to come. Implying this just preceding a Jewish upcoming holy day and festival is significant since it commemorates the Hebrews escape from enslavement in Egypt.A statement like this is analogous to our physical bodies (DNA) restraining our spiritual self back from revealing its full potential. Passover in the spiritual sense should be interpreted as divine intervention bringing one closer to a new, freer world without limitations, a prelude to an Aquarian Age. The Last Supper was also symbolic of the future abilities; alchemy of water into wine, a transformation of mind, body and spirit transmuting the divisive structure of our ego. Suffice to say, the Piscean age was one in which we all should acknowledge duality of body and soul being revealed for the purpose of raising our lower physical nature by including our eternal, spiritual selves.One More Cycle Back In TimeAries Prior to the Piscean age was the age of Aries, symbolized in the ram. The age of the ram signified a time of expansion of empires and conquest. It is often associated with fire, war, conquest, adventure and of course, initiative growth. A Bronze age in Central Europe saw the rise of classical Greek with the worship of Apollo the god of the sun and of course, the orient, Persia and Rome in all their glory. Moses in his exodus from Egypt with the Hebrews into a new, promised land exemplified the expansion hallmarks of this age.The Old Testament or Hebrew Torah is filled with warrior conquests and nomadic life for its full religious history and symbolism. However, the most Arian like theme is the One-God, One-Creator concept. Monotheistic Judaism quickly won out over the Golden Cow through great spiritual personalities like Abraham and Moses. Even Egypt stepped up in like fashion with Pharaoh Akhenaten’s drive to replace polytheism with monotheism. Finally, the symbol of the ram being removed from a place of worship to one as the sacrificial lamb/ram was a symbolic rebellion from a previous age- Taurus, the bull. Moses instructed the Hebrews to dispel the bull, by placing lambs blood on the door posts as a form of divine insurance. He clearly knew it was the end of the age of Taurus and the beginning of Aries.Where To Now?Just as we are now entering into the Age of Aquarius, transitional effects occur and characteristics of the previous age linger. Liken it to a seasonal change from winter to spring, they are gradual and recede, it’s never an abrupt process. Each age merges and blends together for a short time in what the Mayans referred to as the “galactic underworld” and is also a time modern astrologers call the “cusp”. A general theme for this time between two worlds is easily described as one of chaos- rapid, unorganized change accompanied by increasing universal truth being revealed.Later we will learn what to expect and what we may well witness during the near-term in regards to the transition phase we find ourselves in now. The point in reviewing past ages was for the sole purpose in validating the existence of documentable themes of every age. Yes, history does in fact repeat itself. For a more detailed, scientific look at time cycles see the book review post: Fractal Time. Having just done a 6,000+ year look-back one should easily see that if you had continued further back in time, life on earth in an enlightened sense, darkens quickly.Thankfully, earth and its inhabitants are now returning to a place in the cosmic backdrop in which a powerful light energy is transforming every atom in its path with its laser-beam like focus.”As we know from ancient Egyptian history, there are symptoms of psychic changes that always appear at the end of one Platonic month and at the beginning of another. They are, it seems changes in the constellation of the psychic dominants, of the archetypes or “Gods” as they used to be called, which bring about, or accompany, long-lasting transformations of the collective psyche.”- C G JungDisharmony- A Separation From Source LightFrom a cosmological perspective our solar system is returning on a 25,625 year path laid amongst the cosmos back into a very powerful stream of light energy. This light energy which constantly resonates and essentially acts like a focused, intense beam of energy is emitted from our Milky Way Galaxy’s center 26,000 light years away from Earth. Our local solar system located on an outer spiral arm of the Milky Way naturally travels like a wave oscillating up and down relative to the galactic plane, in and out of this “light energy” beam emanating out from the Galaxy’s core.Today, modern astronomers have verified that at the center of our Galaxy is a “whirling disk” with a “Black Hole” at its center that is both swallowing and giving birth to stars. During this 25,625 year traverse, the solar system including Earth, enters into and passes through the galactic plane twice; one pass slightly closer to the Milky Way Galaxy’s center than the other. Metaphorically speaking this is traversing from darkness into light.As we travel further away from and out of the Galactic plane, the light energy emitted from the galaxy’s center, becomes less concentrated, less effective in our local solar system. Since science understands that all of the Milky Way Galaxy’s components for creating it suns, stars and planets were and are sourced from the center, reason dictates this source is a pulsing, light wave energy containing life giving transformative power. We can look to one of the most astronomically and mathematically advanced civilizations of recorded history the Mayans, and gather a logical opinion as to the significance of the galactic center. Here is what they said about it: They referred to the Galactic Center as “Hunab Ku” and it was the ultimate creator and supreme God and everything that occurs in our Galaxy is directed from its center through the emanation of periodic “Consciousness Energy” bursts.Before you write off the Mayans as ancient indigenous idiots filled with superstition, consider the following- Astronomers at Sweet Briar College and the Naval Research Laboratory have detected a powerful new bursting radio (read frequency) source whose unique properties suggest the discovery of a new class of astronomical objects. The researchers have monitored the center of the Milky Way Galaxy for several years and revealed their findings in the March 3, 2005 edition of the journal, “Nature.”Principal investigator, Dr. Scott Hyman, professor of physics at Sweet Briar College, said the discovery came after analyzing some additional observations from 2002 provided by researchers at Northwestern University. “We hit the jackpot!” Hyman said referring to the observations. “An image of the Galactic center, made by collecting radio waves of about 1-meter in wavelength, revealed multiple bursts from the source during a seven-hour period from Sept. 30 to Oct. 1, 2002 – five bursts in fact, and repeating at remarkably constant intervals.”The team has monitored the Galactic center for new transient sources and for variability in approximately 250 known sources, but the five bursts from the new radio source, named GCRT J1745-3009, were by far the most powerful seen.The five bursts were of equal brightness, with each lasting about 10 minutes, and occurring every 77 minutes. Although the exact nature of the object remains a mystery, the team members currently believe that GCRT J1745-3009 is either the first member of a new class of objects or an unknown mode of activity of a known source class. (Naval Research Lab press release 3/2/2005 emphasis added)Will these energetic bursts from Hunab Ku the Galactic core increase in number and intensity as we approach the year 2012? The Mayas would answer a definitive “Yes”.After approximately ~12,812 years the halfway point in our precessional movement, we are emerging from a period of ‘darkness” characterized by the preceding ages into one which exhibits a re-birth of full consciousness through a hyper-dimensional energetic change taking place now.Science Corroborates Ancient WisdomToday’s scientists although having sophisticated instruments available to measure portions of this energy and the effects created, do not fully understand its transformative powers. Speculation surrounds recent theories of why we are now witnessing unusual activity and changes in our local solar system and planets. Below are a few examples of recent scientific observations showing interplanetary changes. These changes are not unique to only the Earth, and especially its dramatic climate change-* Earth a precipitous drop in earth’s magnetic field has been developing according to Dr Paul Murdin, of the Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge. Quote: “the measurements lately are showing us that the Earth’s magnetic field is not decreasing in a normal manner, but in a dramatic way…Yet now all heads are up as it is disappearing at an alarming rate at the poles or near the poles, which is an excellent sign the flip (magnetic pole reversal) is close to happening. Intense solar radiation bursts will cause particle storms to batter the atmosphere of Earth-all with solar particles affecting not only Earth but its inhabitants profoundly.”The magnetosphere shields the surface of the Earth from the charged particles of the solar wind and is generated by electric currents located in many different parts of the Earth. It is compressed on the day (Sun) side due to the force of the arriving particles, and extended on the night side.* Sun solar activity highest in past 8,000 years. The Sun is burning warmer, for longer, than at any time during the past 11,000 years. (October, 2004 Dr. Sami Solanki, Director of the Max Planck Institute Gottingen, Germany) Solar flare powered proton storm on January 20th 2005, largest in 50 years reached Earth in 15 minutes. Normally travel time is 2+ hours to reach Earth. Next solar storm peak is expected in 2012.One final compelling piece of information comes from the fossil record. Earth’s fossil record shows a cycle of dramatic and swift changes including mass extinctions occurring in intervals of 26 million years. This is a very interesting set of numbers when cosmology is thrown into the equation. It is estimated that our Milky Way Galaxy makes one full rotation every 26 million years. Studies by Raup & Sepkoski (Science, Vol 241 July 1, 1988) and their conclusions point to extraterrestrial causes.Although surrounded in controversy, data does imply that of an outside force being a catalyst for evolutionary leaps on Earth. While we are on the verge of repeating this cycle of time, it is not to imply a mass extinction event or massive meteor impact is on the horizon for us, however, this does suggest significant and expedient changes take place on a regular basis.Suffice to say there is an abundance of scientific data available that suggests great changes are afoot in our local planetary neighborhood beyond our earth; the previous examples are but a minute sample. Soon it will be discovered that this galactic core energy is the main cause effecting the changes noted above. Everything in the path of this galaxy-centered energy is being affected. Human DNA and other DNA life forms on Earth are transforming, and most importantly our accompanying consciousness is feeling, reacting and interacting with these transformative powers once again.Consider this: a human being is a microcosm of the universe. Going a step further, principles that govern the universe are the same principles found within each of us; therefore, it’s no surprise we should find them collectively in human consciousness. Much like a fractal, we are a part, a copy of a much larger whole without separation once viewed from a higher perspective. Although our bodies contain the building blocks of the universe and vise versa, another component not fully understood today by mainstream science is one in which empowers and mobilizes all- consciousness.Reuniting Dark & Light, Male & Female, Yin & Yang”…if you realize that the eventual human goal is to transcend the world of relativity to play in a realm of freedom, then plodding along attached to a theory is unfortunate. When the individual is able to enter a world in which the two aspects of yin and yang return to their original unity, the mission of these two symbols comes to an end.”-Masanobu FukuokaSeparation or duality of consciousness sometimes referred to as good/evil, light/dark emerged when our solar system embarked on a departure away from the galactic center about 12,800 years ago. Some refer to that time as the “Fall from Grace”.We are now witnessing a reuniting of the divine masculine and divine feminine energetic forms blending together in ourselves creating an intelligently ordered progression for an evolutionary leap to higher consciousness.This process is one of re-balancing that which is out of balance signified through a feeling of separation and division. It should be very clear Earth’s Precession of the Equinox and it’s geometrically reorientation with the Galactic Center’s cosmic energy is a catalyst for tremendous, rapid geophysical changes. And on the human level, a time dominated by spiritual awareness married with cosmic consciousness, rather than life by merely a latent biologic, mental existence.Upon returning to a point in the cosmos which contains a unified, un-fragmented potential many quickly realize what has occurred because of the shear caused by separation and departure out of the illuminating plane of galactic light. What emerge are powerful souls capable of a miraculous, even magical renaissance of civilization void of the negative impacts caused when duality and separation are present within each person. This catalyzing process is for most, not without self-induced growth instigated by way of a greater, heightened awareness.Energy fields surrounding our bodies are modified allowing for an influx of new, revitalizing forms of energy. We can allow these to act as a metamorphosing agent flowing freely or, we can hinder this process with negative or unpleasant consequences physically manifesting internally and externally around us.As expected, symptoms of this reuniting mechanism can be noticed on at least two levels. Physical and non-physical. Much like a typical healing process which occurs naturally within the body, observed are various manifestations brought on by vibrational/frequency induced shifts within the body’s cells, at the level of DNA.DNA the language of LightSince DNA contains hydrogen bonds which are a phosphodiester (the backbone of DNA and central to all life on Earth) they essentially act like light activated structures within DNA. DNA could be called the “language of light” since it responds to and changes its structure when immersed in Galactic Center generated light. As our bodies become more in tune while processing energy with a higher vibration and resonance, structures within the cellular makeup experience a metamorphosis.It appears that simultaneously with bodily changes, an altered, more highly evolved consciousness appears in lock step. Of course on the surface, during this time it can appear that something is very wrong if we are not aware of what potentially is occurring.A few transitory symptoms (not specific medically related conditions) listed below are associated with the physiological and psychological changes incurred during a transformational balancing process.1. Fatigue higher than normal2. Anxiety, depression and panic3. Emotional sensitivities increase4. Insomnia, irregular sleep patterns5. Memory lapses, mental fog, confusion6. Skin issues, tingling, itching, crawling7. Headaches, blurred vision, body aches8. Digestive issues, appetite changes, new food intolerancesThe second, non-physical symptoms some of which are noted below:1. Increased intuition2. Desire to live purposefully3. Integrity, truth appreciation4. Time acceleration, dissolution5. Successive, life altering events6. Desiring solitude, retrospection7. Improved integration of mind, body & spirit8. Vivid, lucid dreams, altered states of consciousnessOn a global scale, Earth’s inhabitants reflected through a collective consciousness, will exhibit similar characteristics both in breaking down institutions and systems with no longer useful value, replaced with fantastic innovations and embracing new social structures that exemplify the principles of service to others in cooperative leadership and partnerships opportunities.Expect to see a continuation of radical changes in geopolitics, intensification of conflicts, economic policy, governments large and small, business, religion, etc. Look for an escalation of efforts to polarize groups each struggling to retain division and separation through exploiting the power of fear. Evidence to support this can be easily found in the toxic, divisive words used (us/them, win/lose etc.) on major newscasts and print media. During this transition, remember the reason for the symptoms- Nothing is exempt from this transformational momentum; so don’t loose touch with yourself as we transit, embrace the process.2012 And Beyond Into Unified ConsciousnessWith all that has been said, there is one last important piece of science before we discuss the ultimate outcome. As surmised earlier, light and more specifically, Galactic generated light effects profound irreversible changes in all that encounters its magnificent power. In the earlier reference implying DNA is the language of light, we have research from a Russian, Dr. Peter Gariaev, known as the Father of “Wave-genetics” doing DNA experiments where he and his colleagues use non-burning lasers to transform frog embryos into salamander embryos.In simple terms, they had a salamander embryo in one hermetically sealed container and a frog embryo in another; then they applied light from a non-burning laser through the salamander embryo and re-directed that light into the frog embryo. The results where shocking. The frog embryo completely metamorphosed as the cells divided and as the embryo continued to grow, it grew into a salamander! All this was initiated through the light transference of the “DNA light code” embedded into the laser light beam. What this process shows is in effect what is happening on a macro-cosmic level to all of us. The major difference is, the transformational Source-Light is now coming from the Galactic Core through interstellar space, through our sun, then permeating our Earth and subsequently our bodies.Many of us are aware of our body’s unique energy fields, some of which are scientifically proven to exist and married or associated with an internal organ. In this portion we discuss how in esoteric terms, the incredible power they contain to transform when all are balanced and unified together. As we approach closer to the Galactic Center and pass through it around 2012-2016 or so, this understanding and application of our profound power from within will play a pivotal role in our collective re-birth. Chakras (translated as wheel or rotation) as they are referred to, are best understood from the Hindu perspective beginning around 1200 BC, they contain 7 primary energy vortexes or psychic points.They are starting from the lowest to highest-1. Base or Root Chakra (last bone in spinal cord)2. Chakra (ovaries/prostate)3. Solar Plexus Chakra (navel area)4. Heart Chakra (heart area)5. Throat Chakra (throat and neck area)6. Brow or Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland)7. Crown Chakra (Top of the head)Aura As energy is moved through prayer (thought) or meditation, it is transmitted one stage or Chakra at a time, up from the base or Root Chakra ultimately to the Crown Chakra. This is where the light form energy of unconditional love combined with wisdom transforms the individual embodying these light forms with a highly evolved state of consciousness.A final appropriate, quote from Jesus that is remarkably profound and implies this transformational power is within all of us, is found in the book of Luke 11:34: “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness.”Many consider or think of God is Light, and the reference to when the eye is single, is alluding to the 6th Chakra or Third Eye connected to our pineal gland. If then the eye is dark, there can be no light in the body.While this indeed is a birthright available to all, discipline and practice is a pre-requisite for attainment. It is the premise of this article to conclude we are now in a position caused by external forces to more easily (relative term) bring us to a point of near-spontaneous leap in unified consciousness. A valid point is this- All of this is not off in some “future” date as the process has already begun, it is occurring in the now. Again, it is the inner that creates the outer. Only now we have available to us an accelerating window created through an influx of light with its life-transforming powers, offering each of us the opportunity to embrace and create a miraculous, magical life.Allow The Healing To AriseWe now can expedite the healing process that feels long over due. Each of us plays an important role as we should now understand that a new, better world is one which we are responsible for creating. Truly the “Kingdom of Heaven” is within all of us and just as important as that statement is the fact that we can and must by divine right, create it outwardly. Each of us must diffuse the limitations fear imposes since it is an illusion that can only exists in a vacuum where universal truth is denied. By replacing fears with truth, we are not only emboldened to move progressively forward, we willingly navigate away from calamity and catastrophic destruction.Everything that is happening now points to what is referred to as “Zero-Point” where time and space collapse as we enter into a higher dimension. With the capabilities not afforded to us previously from behind the veil, those of a service-to-self disposition will not pass through the shift due to their physical and spiritual makeup. There is good reason for that proposition. In such a dimension where thought forms manifest materially instantaneously, there could not exist those of a vibratory nature based in fear. That is a universal, natural law. Hopefully, the reasons for that are obvious. Within a unity consciousness based realm, intentions in that higher dimension, (as we now do much slower in the third dimension) allow us to co-create a new reality without limitations.In the process of stepping out of the shadows naturally imposed in a realm of separation based on the fragmented duality of both our natures, we will pass gracefully by a deliberate conscious effort into a cosmos filled with grandeur beyond what or mortal minds can conceive. We shall be welcomed with unconditional love into a galactic, extraterrestrial family of other co-creators who are eternally living beyond the constraints of space and time.

Having What it Takes to Run a Tanning Salon

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Do you have what it takes to operate a tanning salon? It is going to take much more than just a desire to have your own business. You will need to be well organized and someone who gets along with people well. This is a service type of business and you will find there is plenty of competition out there.Someone who can make decisions without second guessing themselves makes a great business owner. With a tanning salon you will have to deal with unhappy customers, various types of inquiries, supplying the right merchandise for customers, safety, and of course advertising what you offer. Don’t forget that you need to pay attention to your prices so that you are comparable to other tanning salons in the area.This isn’t the type of business you can do the old fashioned way either. You need to have some computer experience so you can use a program for it. This will help you with ringing up sales, scheduling appointments, and keeping track of who has a monthly membership that is about to expire. You want to keep things moving along smoothly all day long and this is one way to accomplish it.Being well organized and not falling apart when a situation occurs is all part of taking care of your business effectively. Understanding you must be flexible and that you can’t control everything going on is important. Staying cool under pressure is essential if you want to be successful.Be a responsible tanning salon owner by making safety a priority. Customers should be made aware of the risk involved with indoor tanning. They also need to have eye protection offered, clean tanning stations, and equipment that is inspected on a regular basis. If you can see the importance of such issues then a tanning salon may be the perfect business for you to consider.There are plenty of start up costs involved with a tanning salon as well. Where are you going to get the money to get things initiated? If you get a loan are you confident you will be able to repay it? Tanning equipment is very expensive and there are also the repairs involved in it. Just make sure you are realistically looking at these facts so you are prepared for what is in store for you.Are you able to manage other people effectively? There is no possible way to really operate a tanning salon on your own. You will need to hire competent individuals who can help you to do it. They need to have a good understanding of the business so they can help reflect a positive image of the business. If you don’t like working with other people then this isn’t a good type of business for you.There are many different things to consider before you commit to starting a tanning salon. Don’t get involved in it and then realize you aren’t happy with it. You want your own business to be something you are passionate about. It needs to be what you want to spend your time doing. No amount of money you can make is worth not loving what you will be doing.

2004 Kawasaki VN 2000 A Vulcan 2000 Left Or Rear Head Exhaust Camshaft

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2004 Kawasaki VN 2000 A Vulcan 2000 Left Or Rear Head Exhaust Camshaft

The Exhaust Camshaft operates the Exhaust Valves in the Head. On bikes with multiple Cylinder Heads, this is the Exhaust Cam on the Left or Rear Head (as you are sitting on the bike). The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Camshaft will be straight and true, showing no excessive wear. All contact surfaces will be within manufacturer specifications. Timing sprocket is included.

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Giottos Rocket-Air Blower Professional AA1920 + Lenspen Lens Pen Cleaning System + Accessory Kit for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony Digital SLR Cameras

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Kit includes:
♦ 1) Giottos Rocket-Air Blower AA1920 Small
♦ 2) Lenspen NLP-1C Lens Pen Cleaning System
♦ 3) Precision Design 5-Piece Camera & Lens Cleaning Kit
♦ 4) Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

The Giottos Rocket-Air Blower is very powerful and easy to use cleaning system. The super air stream blows off dust particles, even those attracted by static electricity. Giottos’ patented and unique rocket base design allows the Rocket-Air to stand by itself and prevents accidental blocking of the inlet valve as well as making it easy to store. The inlet valve prevents back flow from the air tube.

The Original Lenspen’s unique design makes cleaning your lens fast, simple and effective. Comes with a handy retractable dust removal brush and new invisible carbon cleaning formula, designed to never dry out. Safe for all optics and very easy to use.

This 5-piece cleaning kit contains everything you’ll ever need to properly clean your lenses, including Lens Cleaning Tissues, Lens Cloth, Lens Cleaning Liquid, Blower Brush and Cotton Swabs.

Keep your camera and lenses smudge-free with this handy microfiber cleaning cloth.

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1991 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Gsx-r 1100 Rear Taillight Sub-harness

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1991 Suzuki GSXR 1100 Gsx-r 1100 Rear Taillight Sub-harness

The Taillight Sub-Harness connects to the Main Harness and provides wiring to the Taillight and on some motorcycles, the Rear Turn Signals. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Taillight Sub-Harness will be intact and in good condition. All plugs and connections will be clean, undamaged and in good condition.

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2001 Suzuki LS 650 Savage – S40 Engine Wiring Harness

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2001 Suzuki LS 650 Savage – S40 Engine Wiring Harness

The Engine Sub Harness connects the various electrical sensors on the motor to the main wiring harness. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Sub Harness will be intact and undamaged. All plugs and connectors will be intact and unbroken.

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